Jeep - Go Brave Rip (2015)

Jeep - Go Brave (2014)

Jeep - Go Brave (2014)

This was Doner's effort on the 2014 FCA pitch for Jeep. The over-arching thought was about being Brave. Could've been an interesting platform, but honestly, it was probably a little too Brave for Doner, as they kept pulling it back and shoving in odd language, as you'll se in the middle. The VO is a little low in the mix, but you get it. :) Here is the actual VO:

Mother’s beware
There is something out there
It’s worse than man or beast
And it will call to your children
It will call them to go where they should not.

-And they will answer - in grand fashion
-Surrounded in metal armor
-Riding on the finest leather
-Ensconced in cutting edge technology

Mothers beware
There is something out there
It offers no treasure, no reward
Getting there, and getting back is all…
If your children do not answer the call today, they will tomorrow. 

Super: The New Jeep Grand Cherokee
Super: The Most Awarded SUV Ever 

Jeep. Go Brave

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